YOU KNOW THOSE RUSSIAN Babushka dolls, where there’s another small doll inside and when you open it, there’s another and you think it doesn’t go any smaller and then there’s another one? It’s a little bit like that for me with SUVs.
A FEW YEARS AGO, my wife and I had a lovely vacation on the Island of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. We had a VW Tiguan 4 Motion for the journey, and it turned out to be a delightful vehicle, with just the right amount of cargo space coupled with good driving manners.
IF YOU HAVE BEEN to a track event, then you might just want to move along. Find a quiet place and skim through this magazine, looking for pictures of sleeker, faster machines than the one you have now. It’s OK, it is what we speed junkies do. And this article is not for you.
EARLY 2014, AUDI SPORT and Audi Driving Experience moved into a brand new high tech complex in Neuburg an der Donau. Visitors first see the modern aluminum building with the airport-terminal architecture as they are pulling into the complex.
SHOULD HAVE, WOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE…Way too often we hear these words as an excuse for inaction because the undertaking was too complicated, difficult, costly, hard, challenging, and so on. To quote George Patton: “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”
THERE IS NO BETTER WAY to experience the beautiful mountainous terrain of the Shenandoah Valley than driving with fellow Audi Club members. The 16th Annual Fall Foliage Charity Fun Run had a record turnout and gorgeous fall weather reaching the mid-seventies for the 29 cars and 44 participants.
IT IS A SUNNY DAY at the Lone Cyprus vista at Pebble Beach California. The overlook is jammed with tourists snapping photos of that iconic tree. Almost in unison, the tourists swivel 180 degrees, tapping the shoulders of their friends to take a look, and rush towards the arriving caravan of cars.
ON A COOL AND CRISP autumn morning in Paris, Audi unveiled a new vision of a TT, four doors and room for four. This sleek TT Sportback is loaded with technology and power. Bristling with a Hi-Po 400 hp version of the new Audi/VW EA888 2.0T engine, the 0-60 is said to be about 3.9 seconds.
WHEN ACNA ANNOUNCED that the R8 Spyder Driving Experience would be offered to North American members, Amy (my wife) and I jumped on the opportunity to be one of the first members to sign up. I’ve always dreamed of driving Audi’s flagship rocket ship through Germany and on the autobahn! As it turns out, there were many others who wanted the same experience. So many members wanted to sign up, they expanded the group from five cars to 10.
Discovering the history and the character of Audi Sport rally and racing vehicles is a fascinating process. Restoring or recreating these cars is a passion for me. Because we were looking to celebrate the 35 years of the rally Quattro. We recently built a historic specification Group 4 rally Quattro, which shall be finished in a correct period livery of the 1981 Lombard RAC rally.