THERE IS NO BETTER WAY to explore the far reaching destinations in Arizona than a weekend adventure, driving the majestic highways with fellow Audi Club members. This past May, Audi Club Arizona held the first 2014 Canyon Series drive, destination the Salt River Canyon.
WHEN HEARING THE WORDS: “Road Rally”, most motoring aficionados have visions of an Audi quattro, a Lancia Stratos, and Alpine Renault, or one of the new breeds from Peugeot, Citroen, Subaru, or Mitsubishi airborne orsideways on forest roads with car-mangling trees only feet or inches away.
FOR THE SECOND TIME I have been fortunate to see this great race, the test bed not just for Audi but the advancement of the automobile itself, throughout the beginning of the races existence in 1923. Its soul purpose has been to not only see how fast a car can go but spending the least amount of time in the garage. Many things that we all take for granted—windshield wipers, head lights, disc brakes, fuel injection, were all developed to win this very race.
MOST AUDI OWNERS AND FANS consider the automotive creations from Quattro Gmbh as the penultimate Audi iterations. Fortunately for us, Audi North America has made available to our market some of these scintillating models, such as the TTRS, RS5, and now the RS7.
Linh Pham, audi club member, enthusist and photographer was at Quattrofest 2014 and with the support of Audi of America took photos and wrote an article for Audi for Life.
IT’S BEEN A FULL WEEK since taking delivery of my 2015 S6—actually I’ve enjoyed two deliveries, or three—and that’s what makes this story interesting! The third (and final) delivery followed a two-day separation for a full interior and exterior service that featured a frontwrap clear-bra treatment.
MANY AUDI CLUB GOLDEN GATE members got a special treat at the Audi Club Tech Clinic event hosted by Audi Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA. A 1982 ur quattro pulled into the dealer parking lot. Immediately, club members turned their attention to the legendary ur quattro.
AUTO RACING AFICIONADOS CAN typically be broken down into two camps: road racing and oval racing. Series like Le Mans, Formula 1, and the many races by organizations like SCCA, PCA, and BMW CCA come to mind when thinking of road courses. Ovals are primarily associated with NASCAR, Indy Racing League, and many variants of dirt tracks.
As experienced drivers, there are so many things we automatically do when driving a car. However, unless you have recently instructed a teen driver of your own on how to drive, it's hard to remember how clueless we all were when we started driving. On a hot Saturday at the end of July in Northern Virginia, the Potomac Chesapeake Chapter (PCC) of the Audi Club ran its first teen driving school in recent history to help educate our newest drivers.