Matt Ammon Memorial Driving School and Teen Clinic

We are excited to offer the MAMDS for the eighth year. Please join us May 17-18, 2014 at the Bremerton Motorsports Park in Bremerton, WA.

This event will include Driver Education and Autocross for novices and an All Day Autocross for experienced drivers on Saturday the 17th. On Sunday the 18th a High Performance Driving School will be held with Instructors for Novices.

We look forward to driving with you!

Verloren Gehen

The name Verloren Gehen means "get lost," which is an important part of the challenge at ORP. This is the fourth year for Audi Club Northwest at this very challenging and technically interesting 2.3 mile road course at Grass Valley, Oregon.

Instructor Clinic

This is a very different kind of instructor clinic for Audi Club Northwest. This is NOT just for training new instructors but we are going to be heavily focused on our existing instructors and making them better drivers and better instructors. Expect a bunch of on-track time and great instruction from senior instructors. There will be SERIOUS track time for you to come out and learn while teaching the new bunch.