Join us, Saturday, September 21st, at the Wooley Mammoth Lot, the one by the gas station on the Northwest corner of I-70 and Morrison Road, for a fun run up to Vail Lionshead for the Concours d’Non Elegance.

Meet us at 8:00 am and we will take the short route to Vail to see the cars that finished the Colorado Grand (  – the 1000 mile tour through the Rockies by vintage sports cars from before 1961 (Grand Route Book pdf). 

Of the 100  or so cars registered most are from out of state with some coming from abroad.   There will be 25 pre-war exotics this year including 5 Bugattis.   There is no other opportunity to see automobiles of this quality in Colorado in one place at one time.   Most are pre-1961 exotic classics.   Be on time if you are coming as some of the cars are so valuable  that they go immediately into carriers for their rides home Saturday morning.   Many will stay for others to see.   At international auctions it is not uncommon to see Colorado Grand stickers on high value sporting classics.

After checking out the cars we will have lunch and head back to Denver the fun way.

Contact Dan Meyer or Connie Johnson for additional information and let us know if you are coming so that we have a head count.  
Exercise that Audi before the snow tires come on and see some Aspens, as well!