published in the Fall 2013 quattro quarterly

AUDI MECHANICSBURG WAS PROUD to host the annual Audi 4-Ring Breakfast this past spring to kick-off the Import Show in Carlisle, PA. All Audi owners were invited to this event.

Audi Mechanicsburg clears out the entire front parking lot, allowing room for over 125 Audi owners to park their automobiles. This year the event grew once again and record number of turnout automobiles as well as Audi people enjoyed the catered breakfast. To help enjoy the Audi breakfast, some nice eye candy was on display in the showroom including a 2014 R8 V10 Spyder, along with an R8 Special Edition with a Stasis Supercharger kit installed. Plenty of HP to help get the breakfast going.

Also set up was the Audi Club Mid Atlantic Tent, offering club memberships and words of wisdom to fellow Audi owners. Nice idea, as over 12 new members signed up.

This event brings in owners from the entire East Coast, Canada, Maine and all the way down to Atlanta Georgia.

Ample parking, Audi Mechanicsburg, plenty of food, and lots of Audi eye-candy, made 2013 4-Ring Breakfast a huge hit! Looking forward to 2014….better and bigger!