Originally published in the Summer 2014 quattro quarterly

AUDI TULSA IS NOT JUST a place to purchase your beautiful Audi, in fact, it’s much more. Completed in 2012, the new state of the art facility is owned by Don Thornton Imports. The state-of-the-art terminal building boasts a magnificent eight car showroom. And don’t forget to visit the quattro café, complete with free WIFI, snacks and coffee.

Audi Tulsa supports the local community by taking part in events such as Quattro Cup, Patriot Cup and Team Sound Pony. Additionally, Audi Tulsa conducts high performance driver schools for their clients who wish to learn more about the capabilities of their Audis.

As a flagship dealership, Audi Tulsa believes that purchasing an Audi is only the first step in connecting customers to the brand. Audi owners are passionate about their automobiles… they appreciate Audi’s engineering and vehicle capabilities. We want our customers linked to the brand in a way that transcends the sale and servicing of their Audi. And that’s why Audi Tulsa has purchased Audi Club North America memberships for our customers who have owned an Audi since 2011.

“We see no better way to create fans than to enroll them in Audi Club North America (ACNA) as the benefits are unique to the Audi ownership experience. Also, working with the club is a real opportunity for us to partner in a manner that creates events and experiences for owners that would otherwise be unavailable without our relationship with ACNA. The opportunity that ACNA offers our clients is unrivaled as far as experiences are concerned, and our goal is to create Audi fans for life,” says John Hill, General Manager. “Audi Tulsa is in the process of establishing a local chapter for Audi Club so that we have a grass roots element to grow our fan base. We want our customers to be “in charge” of the fan base.”

Audi Tulsa is proud to have achieved Magna Society in its first two years of our eligibility. Audi established the Magna Society to recognize U.S. dealerships that stand out as the best of the best. To qualify, dealerships can’t just meet or exceed sales targets. They must also demonstrate they are maintaining a solid financial foundation, merit high customer satisfaction scores and show their facilities and staffs represent the progressive Audi culture.

Audi Tulsa knows that customer satisfaction plays a vital role in our business and are appreciative of our customers’ support. We are very proud of the team at Audi Tulsa and look forward to serving your needs in the future and building an Audi fan base!