For fellow club members, “Driving durch (through) Deutschland” the ACNA European Summer Breeze Driving Experience was to be one of the highlights of the 2014 summer. It began on a balmy late June evening in the Schwabing district of München. All gathered for a quick intro, a glass of the bubbly then off in taxis to the Spatenhaus on der Oper restaurant for a traditional and hearty German Abendessen (evening meal). This was to be the first of six days of organized adventure, touring and driving through the “Land of the Four Rings.” What had first come to mind 30 months earlier in that predawn chilly bus ride from the Seefeld winter driving experience to the Franz Joseph airport in Munich, was finally coming to fruition.

The trip was planned with the aid of Jakub Hanus of Elite Rent-a-Car. Our days were filled with visiting various Audi AG locations, stops at a number of historic sites and driving through some very scenic areas. For all, the best experience was to be able to drive the challenging roads in the Black Forest at speed with a lead car informing us of oncoming traffic or areas of caution. This certainly made that driving experience fun and stress free.

“We had some expectations of the tour, but we quickly found that we were in for more than what we expected”. It was a great opportunity to drive Audis not available this side of the pond. The RSQ3 was a blast with its excellent turbo 5 cylinder motor. The 313 HP A6 TDI with gobs of torque and power and easily kept up with the others including a S3 Sportback.

The meals, of course typically German, were excellent and the opportunity to meet fellow ACNA member were all part of a fantastic experience. This is something all Audi lovers and owners should do at least once in their lifetime. Drive an Audi in the land of its origin and as it should be, and still be legal. One will come away with a greater appreciation of what the Audi brand is all about.

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