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published in the Fall 2013 quattro quarterly

TWENTY YOUTHS COMPLETED Chicagoland’s sixth season of teen driver education showing much improvement in their driving skills and confidence. Although not quite wide-awake from an early morning rise, the teens soon became involved as the instructor group demonstrated proper seating position and mirror placement for safer driving, checking oil levels, and general maintenance concerns. Discount Tire contributed a tire gauge for participants, and instructors ensured everyone understood the importance of checking tire pressures on a regular basis. The teens, parents, instructors and helpers also enjoyed breakfast and lunch courtesy of Chicagoland Audi Dealers.

As the clinic’s main purpose is to give the teens a lot of time behind the wheel, we quickly moved onto the driving pad, with an instructor in the passenger seat offering guidance, encouragement and feedback. Starting with a braking drill, the teens practiced a high-speed emergency stop on both dry and wet pavement, with most experiencing the strong pedal pulse of ABS for the first time. The drills last an hour before moving into the classroom for a 20-minute recap of the exercises and what’s next on the agenda. As an added bonus, Shell Oil Company provided several $25 Shell V-Power Gift Cards, which were used as motivational rewards during class. Additional drills included slalom, skid pad and accident avoidance which helped teens improve car control skills and making them more comfortable behind the wheel. The last exercise was a combined drill which allowed teens to put it all together and focus on being smooth and in control.

The day concluded with evaluation forms for both teens and parents, as well as parting gifts and a Certificate of Completion. While the majority of teens notedthey were “forced” to take the clinic, all were very glad they did, saying they had an incredible time and would definitely recommend the clinic to their friends. Comments from parents and teens were positive, noting the expertise and dedication of our large instructor group.

With the incredible support of sponsors: Discount Tire, Chicagoland Audi Dealers and Shell Oil Company, we are able to offer this valuable course for an affordable $99 registration fee. By the time you read this we will have held another clinic in September, giving teens over 4-1/2 hours of driving time with one-onone instruction, as well as several classroom sessions with information that the teens have never seen before. Should you wish to enroll your teen in a future clinic please email