Originally published in the Spring 2014 quattro quarterly

Modular Infotainment Platform

THE NEW AUDI A3 IS BEING introduced with a new MMI Infotainment System. This modular Infotainment Platform allows the central processing unit to be used across the entire line of Audis. The MMI control module in the 2015 A3 is equipped with a dual core processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHZ. If hardware updates are needed, the multimedia extension board can be replaced much like replacing a graphics card in your home PC. The new modular system is approved five times faster than previous MMI systems.

Three models of the MMI will be available: MMI radio, MMI navigation plus, and MMI navigation plus with Audi connect. An easy way to identify each model is to note the number of SD card slots equipped in the unit. MMI radio has one SD slot, the MMI Navigation Plus with Audi Connect has two SD slots, and one slot for a SIM card. The MMI radio has a single CD drive and SD slot; both support MP3, WMA, and AAC files. Satellite radio, Bluetooth and an internal amplifier with 180 watts are also included.

MMI Navigation Plus and MMI Navigation Plus with Audi Connect have a single DVD drive for audio and video files and two SD card slots for audio and video files. The Audi connect version has an additional slot for a SIM card. Just like the MMI radio, satellite radio Bluetooth and an internal amp with 180 watts are included.

Additional items included are: navigation system, juke box for music storage of approximately 11GB, MMI touch, integrated into the rotary push button, can be used to enter letters, numbers, and characters using automatic hand writing recognition. Lastly, voice control and Audi music interface are just a few more standard features on the MMI Navigation Plus.

With the introduction of a central processing unit, a fast dual core processor, and numerous multimedia features, the new Audi A3 reaffirms that no feature or detail is overlooked, no matter how small.