Saturday, October 25, 2014
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In September 1999, a few faithful Audi owners gathered for the inaugural PCC Audi Club Charity Fun Run. Continuing the tradition, PCC's 20th Charity Fun Run (16th in the Fall) is once again on the calendar.  Another day of scenic roads, great cars, terrific food, and wonderful company.  The registration fee is $21.50, and net proceeds once again will be donated to the University of Virginia Medical Center Parkinson's Research Fund.

A new "tradition" started in 2014 with Fun Run participants meeting at about 9:45 AM at the scenic Bluestone Vineyard in Bridgewater, VA. A breakfast buffet will be available at Bluestone, catered by Mama’s Caboose, an award-winning local catering service (cost of breakfast is not included in the registration fee). With the breakfast event set up exclusively for our Fun Run participants, we will avoid the service bottlenecks sometimes experienced in previous years when we met up at one of the local restaurants.

The Fun Run drive covers approximately 190 miles through some of the best twisty country roads you have ever experienced, with interesting and scenic rest stops along the way including Greenbank, WV and Goshen Pass, VA before, and concludes at the historic Osceola Mill Country Inn outside of Staunton, VA around 5:00 PM.  The Osceola Mill will be set up to provide refreshments and dinner for the participants (not included in the registration fee).   The Osceola Mill proprietors, Kevin and Kim Daly, are car aficionados and always provide a warm welcome to our club.  Our event coordinators will contact you to confirm if you are interested in joining the group for dinner.

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