Saturday, October 11, 2014
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Plan on joining us on the fifth annual North Atlantic Audi Club’s Tour and Fall Rally on Saturday October 11th for an afternoon of driving, exploring, and camaraderie with fellow participants on a fun drive through southern NH as we take in some of the fall foliage, lakes and local fall “Attractions”.  Take a look at the 2011 event / write-up for more information and color (pun intended).  Registration fee is $20 / car with registration opening in July on

The rally starting and ending points are still being identified but we always end at a casual restaurant where you can have a late lunch or early dinner if you choose along with re-hydration. And no, you do not need a special rally car; your everyday vehicle is just fine, as we use public roads and obey all traffic rules.

There are two Rally classes where Drivers and their navigators will follow simple rally instructions that guide them along scenic roads of the Wachusett Region:

  • TDS (Time-Speed-Distance) class where cars are scored on time over distance between checkpoints with penalties for being either too fast (or too slow)
  • Touring Class where drivers go on the scenic tour at their own pace.

Bring the children as they can be actively involved in the event … looking for signs, reading the directions or just plain “helping” when they remind dad that he made the wrong turn or is going the wrong speed.  And finally, be sure to bring a camera as there will be numerous opportunities to capture some fantastic pictures.