Saturday, October 18, 2014
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The Cascades Autumn Colors Tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 18, 2014, and will highlight the fall colors in the Cascade Mountains. The event will be a relaxing and fun driving day in a social environment, filled with many opportunities to photograph and enjoy the colorful forests, lakes, meadows, rivers, and waterfalls of the Cascades.

This Tour will follow a 235 mile circuitous route through the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie and Wenatchee National Forests, over Stevens, Old Blewett, and finally, Snoqualmie Passes. Late September and early October are prime time for fall colors, and the route goes through areas of cottonwood, maple, mountain ash, and yellow aspen trees. The drive includes some lesser known and little used twisty and colorful forest roads near Leavenworth and/or Cle Elum.

The group drive heads east through Monroe, to Ben Howard Road, a 16 mile scenic twisty drive, over hill and dale, ending in Sultan. From Sultan, the drive follows Hwy 2 East to Stevens Pass, with a short 3-4 mile detour along the Old Cascades Highway. Descending after crossing the pass, the drive turns north onto Hwy 207 from Coles Corner to Lake Wenatchee State Park. Here the group will stop for an early lunch around 11:00am.

The picnic area at the park is right on the lake, with spectacular vistas. Lake Wenatchee State Park requires either a 10.00 day fee, or a discover pass (to be collected at group drive meeting). (You may purchase a discover pass online for 30.00 for one year from purchase date.)

After lunch, the tour will follow two different roads highlighting fall colors, lakes, rivers, and meadows. Forest Road 65 and White River Road both dead end in the Wenatchee National Forest. Our route will eventually take the us to Chumstick highway (Old highway 209). This highway, with a very challenging hill climb just past Plain, goes through Chumstick and ends in Leavenworth on Hwy 2.

Upon arriving in Leavenworth about 2:00 pm drivers have the option of continuing on the tour, or staying in and enjoying the Leavenworth area, or returning home from this point of the tour if desired. From Leavenworth, the tour continues over Old Blewett Pass, to Cle Elum (optional dinner stop), and finally over Snoqualmie Pass to Issaquah, where the tour officially ends.

For further information please contact event leader Mark Yonker or call 253-670-8575.