Saturday, March 22, 2014
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This is a very different kind of instructor clinic for Audi Club Northwest. This is NOT just for training new instructors but we are going to be heavily focused on our existing instructors and making them better drivers and better instructors. Expect a bunch of on-track time and great instruction from senior instructors. There will be SERIOUS track time for you to come out and learn while teaching the new bunch. We intend on doing more of the role playing than we did at the last instructor clinic, which proved to be very popular for both the recruits and the existing instructors who came out to help.

To emphasize this is NOT just an event for training new instructors. Audi Club Northwest is trying to improve all of our instructors skills. We need all of our committed instructors to sign up for this very important event. Existing instructors and technicians and instructor candidates will be sent an email from Pat Martin with a private link to register for this invitation-only event.

The Ridge Motorsports Park
1060 Eells Hill Rd
Shelton, WA