Saturday, September 13, 2014
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Nestled amongst the foothills above the Columbia River in Southwestern Washington, the Maryhill Museum of Art has a little-known secret on it’s property: the Maryhill Loops Road. Owned by the Maryhill Museum of Art, the Maryhill Loops Road was the first macadam asphalt-paved road in the Pacific Northwest. In 2.8 paved miles the road ascends 850 feet via a series of 25 turns, 8 of which are hairpins. Generally the road is only open to pedestrians and bicyclists but on Saturday, September 13th, Audi Club Northwest has private use of this road for a tour.

This is a fun driving day not to be missed! On Friday September 12th those in the Seattle area who are interested can caravan over to Goldendale, Washington. Our route is sure to please! Once at Goldendale we will meet up with others who have come from all different directions. On Saturday we will tour the Maryhill Loops Road during the day and finish up with wine tasting and a wonderful dinner at The Glass Onion in Goldendale in the evening.

Maryhill Loops Road
Goldendale, WA