quattro quarterly


Quattro Quarterly is the national magazine of the Audi Car Club of North America. Begun in 1986, the Audi Car Club has become one of the world's great automotive enthusiast's organizations.

The magazine is published four times a year and is available to members only. Audi Club members look to the magazine as a source of information and entertainment but they're also looking for products and services for their cars. The ads are as important to the readers as the features.

More than a magazine, we're a community.

Members come to trust the advertisers who become part of that community. There is a relationship that develops between advertisers and Club members here that simply doesn't exist in most commercial magazines, or on most websites for that matter.

Most every magazine will claim that their readers are "opinion leaders." Of course, some are and some aren't - but with Quattro Quarterly it really is the case. Club members are clearly the automotive authorities in their worlds and they can become a de facto sales force for you, spreading the word to family members, co-workers and friends.

Advertising in the Quattro Quarterly is also one of the last great bargains. The rates are extremely low; you can have a huge presence in this magazine for very little money.

Most of the advertisers you see in Quattro Quarterly have been in the magazine for years and there’s a reason for that. Old media or new, there’s no audience of pure Audi enthusiasts like this one anywhere else.